Workshops for Convergence 2018

Here is information on the workshops I'm teaching at Convergence in Reno this July.

One Warp, Many Structures:

An Exploration of Extended Parallel Threading

2 1/2-day workshop

Samples pictured below, top to bottom, all on the same threading:

1) Echo Weave
2) Turned Taquete
3) Shadow Weave
4) Rep
5) Double Weave
6) Collapse Weave

As Marian Stubenitsky has shown in Weaving with Echo and Iris, extended parallel threadings offer endless possibilities. In this workshop, you will arrive with your loom dressed in a two-color warp threaded on opposites. (Drafts and instructions will be provided beforehand.) Working with a variety of tie-ups and treadlings, you will weave a series of designs in Echo Weave, Turned Taqueté, Rep, Shadow Weave, Collapse Weave, and Double Weave. The takeaway is a sampler of colorful fabrics and a broader, deeper understanding of the potential for extended parallel threadings and how to design them. For 4-shaft looms and more.

Deflected Double Weave as a Collapse Weave
1-day seminar

Deflected Double Weave is a favorite among weavers: a straightforward structure allowing for bold color and strong graphic shapes. Combine this with collapse weave techniques and you gain texture and dimensionality. This workshop helps you understand and design Deflected Double Weave fabrics that will collapse, pleat, and ripple after washing. 

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