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More Explorations in Extended Parallel Threadings

Pictured here: a 12-shaft design woven on an Echo threading in 20/2 silk. I call this design "Burano" because it has a lacy look, reminding me of the lace-makers on the island off of Venice.  So let's walk through the steps in creating this design and weaving the different samples in Echo, Jin, Shadow Weave, Rep and Double Weave. (This is exactly what we do in my workshop, "One Warp, Many Structures: An Exploration of Extended Parallel Threading." I must really like the process, because I keep repeating the format on my own, at home....) First, how to create the design itself? I think I found the original pattern, a twill pattern with elements of a Crackle threading, on . Can't remember, exactly, because it could also have been on Pinterest . Both are great places to scan weaving drafts for ideas. Here's what the original draft looks like. Intricate, symmetrical, appealing -- reminds me of a butterfly! I starting playing on Fiberworks, ex