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I'm a weaver, dyer and "free-range seamstress" who loves painted warps, collapse techniques, and extended parallel threadings -- all to make colorful, textured cloth used in garments for teaching, shows and sales. My pieces have been juried into the HGA Convergence fashion shows since 2008. About 20 years ago I started teaching at the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center here in Rochester, NY, and now I also teach on Zoom and at conferences and guilds in Australia, Canada and the United States.

Working out of my home, I weave on a 32-shaft Louet Megado, 16-shaft Toika Eeva, a 16-shaft Germaine table loom and a 12-shaft LeClerc table loom. 

To contact me, please send an email to: dkovn[at]

I'm available on Facebook:

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alice said...

I do not have a Mac and have tried and tried to figure out the commands for my PC for 8 shaft Echo weave. I did find the the Draw Freehand button, but after that I am LOST. Is there someone, or someway that I can get some help?


Denise Kovnat said...

Alice, that is a good point! I will take a look at Fiberworks on my PC and I can get back to you with instructions. However, I do need your email. Can you share it with me in a private email to dkovn[at]


bishnoi said...

Hi Denise, I am trying to email you via your given email address but it is going to someone with a similar email address as yours. My
name is Dinakar Iyer and I am the workshop organizer for Houston weavers guild ( would like to invite you to teach a workshop at our guild. Can you please email me at: Many thanks,


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