April 17-19
"One Warp, Many Structures" at-home workshop (weavers work independently based on instructions), Hudson-Mohawk Weavers Guild, Latham, NY

May 6-8
"Echo and Jin" Virtual Workshop, Duneland Weavers Guild of Northwest Indiana, Cedar Lake, IN

May 9
NOTE: This event will either take place virtually or be cancelled.
"Collapse Techniques" lecture, Duneland Weavers Guild of Northwest Indiana, Cedar Lake, IN

May 11-13
"Deflected Double Weave for Collapse Fabrics" Virtual Workshop, Illinois Prairie Weavers Guild, Lombard, IL

May 28-30
NOTE: These events will most likely be cancelled.
"Echo and Jin" morning lecture, "Dorset Buttons" afternoon lecture and mini-workshop, and "Designing with Deflected Double Weave" workshop, Seattle Weavers Guild, Seattle, WA

July 21
"Dorset Buttons" presentation, Complex Weavers Seminars, Knoxville, TN

July 28-30
"Echo and Jin: Variations on a Theme for 8, 12 and 16 Shafts" workshop, Handweavers Guild of America Convergence Conference, Knoxville, TN

November 5-7
Workshop and lecture TBA, Reno Fiber Guild, Reno, NV


January 9-10
"One Warp, Three Fabrics" workshop and lecture TBD, Southern California Handweavers Guild, Sherman Oaks, CA

February 5-7
"One Warp, Many Structures" workshop, Jacksonville Weavers Guild, Jacksonville, FL

February 10-13
"One Warp, Many Structures" workshop and "Echo and Jin" lecture, Manasota Weavers Guild, Sarasota, FL

February 17-19
"One Warp, Many Structures" workshop, Weavers of Char-Lee, Fort Myers, FL

March date TBD
Lecture and workshop TBD, Weavers Guild of Boston, Boston, MA

April 15-18 (or May 13-16, dates TBD)
Lecture and workshop TBD, Contemporary Handweavers of Houston, Houston, TX

April 22
"Painting Two Warps and Beaming Them as One" lecture, Weavers' Guild of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

April 22-24
"Paint Two, Beam One" workshop, Weavers' Guild of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

June 24-27
"Designing with Deflected Double Weave" workshop, Mid-Atlantic Fiber Association (MAFA) Conference, Millersville, PA

July 15-18
"One Warp, Many Structures: An Exploration of Extended Parallel Threading," New England Weavers Seminar, Northampton, MA

September 23
Lecture TBD, Triangle Weavers Guild, Chapel Hill, NC

September 24-26
"One Warp, Many Structures" workshop, Triangle Weavers Guild, Chapel Hill, NC


May 7-10
"Paint Two, Beam One: Maximizing Color in Your Weaving" workshop, North Olympic Shuttle and Spindle Guild, Sequim, WA

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