September 25-27
"One Warp, Many Structures: An Exploration of Extended Parallel Threading" workshop, Handweavers Guild of Pueblo, Pueblo, CO

December 13-15
"Designing with Deflected Double Weave," workshop, Weaving and Fiber Arts Center, East Rochester, NY


February 12
"Dorset Buttons" lecture, Telarana Weaving Guild, Phoenix, AZ

February 15-17
"Designing with Deflected Double Weave" workshop, Telarana Weaving Guild, Phoenix, AZ

May 9 (full schedule TBA)
"Echo and Jin" workshop, Duneland Weavers Guild of Northwest Indiana, and "Collapse Techniques" lecture, Cedar Lake, IN

May 11-13
Workshop TBA, Illinois Prairie Weavers Guild, Lombard, IL

July 19-22
"Dorset Buttons" presentation, Complex Weavers Seminars, Knoxville, TN

July 24-30
"Echo and Jin: Variations on a Theme for 8, 12 and 16 Shafts" workshop, Handweavers Guild of America Convergence Conference, Knoxville, TN


February 5-7
"One Warp, Many Structures" workshop, Jacksonville Weavers Guild, Jacksonville, FL

February 10-13, "One Warp, Many Structures" workshop and "Echo and Jin" lecture, Manasota Weavers Guild, Sarasota, FL

February 16-18, "One Warp, Many Structures" workshop, Weavers of Char-Lee, Fort Myers, FL

March date TBD
Lecture and workshop TBD, Weavers Guild of Boston, Boston, MA

April 22
Lecture TBD, Weavers' Guild of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

April 22-24
Workshop TBD, Weavers' Guild of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

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