July 20-23
"All You Need Is Four: Collapse Weave on 4 Shafts" workshop, MAFA conference, Millersville University, PA

August 25-27
"Collapse Weave on 4 and 8 Harnesses," 3-day workshop, Hartford Artisans Weaving Center, Hartford, CT

September 23
"Tactile Art: Dimensional Weaving with Collapse Weave Techniques" lecture, New York Guild of Handweavers, New York, NY


March 10-12
"One Warp, Three Fabrics: Weaving with 60/2 Silk" workshop, Handweavers Guild of Nashville, Nashville, TN

April 5-8, workshop TBA, Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers, Philadelphia, PA

April 19-21
"Collapse Weave on 4 and 8 Harnesses," 2-day workshop, and "Paint Two, Beam One" lecture, Michigan Weavers Guild

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