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Tying on a Dummy Warp

My weaving guru, Joyce Robards, calls it "tying one on" -- the process of tying a new warp onto the end of an old warp that's already on your loom. This way, you avoid the trouble of spreading the warp across the raddle and threading -- especially threading, because in some cases, a pattern can have very complicated threading, leaving you lots of room for error. Who needs that? This was the first time I've ever used a dummy warp, mainly because I was worried about this: Looks pretty bad, doesn't it? You're seeing the front of the loom. You start by putting lease sticks into your new warp. Then, you tie knots, one by one, attaching the new warp ends to the dummy warp ends. It all works out, honest! You beam the warp just as you always do, pulling tight to create tension as you wind it onto the warp beam. Slowly you work the knots through the heddles, taking care not to bend the heddles or break the warp threads. It's a good idea to comb the warp as

News for Fiber Artists in Rochester and Western New York

Here's a press release I just sent out to local media. For anyone who reads my blog, heads up! WEAVING AND FIBER ARTS CENTER MOVES TO EAST ROCHESTER Open House on Wednesday, September 14 In celebration of its 10 th anniversary and a new location, the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center will hold an open house on Wednesday, September 14, from 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. The public is invited. The location: Studio 1940, Piano Works Mall, 349 West Commercial Street, East Rochester. Over 10 years, the center has grown and expanded, moving from its original studio at Village Gate in Rochester to this new location. Piano Works Mall includes a number of popular fiber arts stores, making it a destination for Rochester’s growing community of fiber-arts enthusiasts. The new center features a room dedicated to weaving, including looms and related equipment, as well as a “wet room” for dyeing, surface design, felting, basketry, paper art, and papermaking. Additional areas are avai