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Silk Origami Top, Dyed with Indigo and Quebracho Red

I sewed this top in about two hours, using Origami fold techniques outlined by Marina O'Connor in the March/April 1995 issue of Handwoven magazine ("Six Squares Origami Tops"). Caroline Stanis-Gage introduced the technique to our guild and, aided by my trusty Rowenta iron and Huskylok serger, I was able to make it in a size 8, without any seam allowances. Please remember that this piece does NOT allow for seams, so be sure to take that into account (using a larger piece of fabric, for example, or making a very small garment). Here's the play-by-play description: 1) Take two China silk scarves measuring 15" wide by 60" long. Dip them in an indigo vat and then over-dye them with Quebracho red -- to achieve the gentle lilac purple that you see in the photo. 2) Sew them together at the ends so that you have one very long scarf. 3) Starting at one end, fold this long scarf into 6 perfect squares (15" x 15"). Use your iron to secure the fold