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Scenes from a Natural Dye Class: SerenDIPity!

Yesterday at the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center , I taught a class on natural dyeing with indigo and onion skins. As always with natural dyes, the results were magical. To my eye, we achieved some wonderful colors -- jonquils, saffron, green grass, flax flowers, blue skies, and late twilight. Working with vats of onion-skin dyes and indigo, we created base colors of either yellow or blue. But even with two simple dye recipes, the colors varied greatly, depending on the fiber used and the amount of time it was in the dye bath. The indigo vat: a powerful brew! A silk scarf that was lying in the onion-skin vat for -- who knows -- an hour? About the silk scarf above: We immersed it in the onion-skin vat and then forgot about it! I love the serendipity of "mistakes" like this. The color was vibrant. Hoping to get a photo in natural light, I took it outside to try to capture the color, which was almost a saffron yellow. The class was titled "Ombre Dyei