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Workshop with Bonnie Inouye, "Opposites Attract"

Pictured above is my sample from last week's workshop, "Opposites Attract," with the wonderful teacher Bonnie Inouye. We spent the past three days immersed in the myriad possibilities for designing a variety of weave structures beginning with a profile draft and then expanding it with what is termed a "parallel threading." Fundamentally, parallel threading means that you are working with two colors in the warp, with both colors weaving together in parallel designs. (Interleaved threading is another topic, one that we didn't really delve into in this workshop.) So on 8 shafts, for example, a straight draw in a parallel threading would be: color A on shaft 1, color B on shaft 5, color A on shaft 2, color B on shaft 6, color A on shaft 7, color B on shaft 8. Your tieup and treadling will vary all over the place depending on what structure you choose to weave -- which was, after all, the entire scope of this workshop. If, for instance, you want to weav