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Next stop, Milwaukee!

Hope to see you at Convergence ....

Network Drafting, Echo and Iris, and Double Weave: What to Do When You Don't Have a Computerized Loom

I have a 12-shaft Macomber and I love her well. And I also love Marian Stubenitsky's ground-breaking study, Weaving with Echo and Iris . This book has way too many enticing projects and explorations for 12-shaft looms. Where to start? I found a particularly appealing draft for 4-color double weave on page 163, in case you want to look it up. Here's the drawdown, front and back. (The second image, showing the reverse side of the drawdown, has the tieup and treadling on the left because that's how you see it in Fiberworks.) Nice, isn't it? And I have just the right colors in JaggerSpun 18/2 Superfine Merino. Perfect. EXCEPT that I don't have a computerized loom. So I can't replicate the long, long treadling, at least without a skeleton tieup, which may be the subject of another blog post.... While it may seem intuitive to some advanced weavers, the solution did not come readily to me. Then there was that lightbulb moment: Why not simply shorte