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Scenes from Convergence 2016

I like to call it "Camp Convergence" -- a gathering of the clan of handweavers and fiber artists from North America and overseas. Some 600 (just an estimate) of us wove and dyed and felted and spun and shopped and connected and learned and then shopped again. This year the conference was in Milwaukee (more on that at the end of this post, as the sad story of political trouble unfolds*). I taught classes for the first time ever and I can assure you that the pleasure was equal to the work involved! My three day workshop, "One Warp, Three Fabrics: Weaving with 60/2 Silk," focused on warping with fine silk and weaving with three very different wefts. The class aimed to give students a feel for the variety of fabrics they could achieve: a balanced fabric using a 60/2 silk weft, a collapse-weave fabric using a 30/1 wool overtwist, and an elegant thick-and-thin structure alternating silk ribbon with fine silk wefts. Here are just a few photos from the workshop. I w