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Bhutanese Textiles with Wendy Garrity -- at the New Weaving and Fiber Arts Center!

A detail of Bhutanese kushutara weaving Luckily, for those of us who love textiles, we can travel the world without leaving our homes. Last week at the new Weaving and Fiber Arts Center (more on that later), Australian  Wendy Garrity  took us to Bhutan.  Her presentation focused on the gorgeous fabrics known as kushutara , woven on backstrap looms by Bhutanese women in their homes. Pictured above: Garrity at the start of her presentation  -- before we remembered to turn the lights out! Her blog is called "Textile Trails." Kushutara (supplementary weft brocades, also spelled kushuthara and kishutara ) resemble embroidery but are hand woven -- often on looms that are built into the walls of the weaver's home. They have a discontinuous weft, as you see in the details below (front and back of the same fabric, respectively). And they are gorgeous! Weavers use continuous weft-pattern designs called sapma and discontinuous weft-pattern des