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How to Warp from Back to Front

As I teach workshops here and there, I'm learning that many weavers dress their looms from front to back -- happily so -- or using a hybrid method rather than beaming back to front. To my way of thinking, because I like to use fine yarns, back to front is the only way to go. Mainly, you avoid that extra pass through the heddles and the raddle, which can abrade the warp and invite knotting and other problems. So I thought I would blog about a method that I hope most weavers will try at least once, just to see whether it works for them. BASIC STEPS IN WARPING BACK TO FRONT (For more information, see Madelyn van der Hoogt’s notes on the Weaving Today website: ) 1) Place a sturdy rod in the uncut end loops near the cross. Attach the rod to the back (warp) beam. 2) Lay two slats length-wise across your loom, inside the shafts (with the heddles moved away to either side), spanning fro