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Weaving Heartfully: Happy Valentine's Day!

"heartfully."   With the whole heart; with enthusiasm, conviction, or intense feeling; warmly, cordially; devotedly. What a great word! And what a great draft. I found it online, probably on Pinterest , and I have no idea where it came from, unfortunately. (Update: Thanks to Janice Jones , who kindly sent me an email about this, it comes from Oelsner's Handbook of Weaves , also available as a download from .) Here's what it looks like in Fiberworks . 16 shafts, a 36-treadle repeat -- perfect for my Toika compu-dobby. I had a 10/2 Tencel warp on hand (wound from hand-dyed yarns by Teresa Ruch , with a solid purple yarn and a variegated red and purple yarn, purchased at Convergence 2018 ) and I sett it at 28 epi (for twill). The weft is 10/2 pearl cotton in red. Judging from the hand of the fabric on the loom, it's a bit too dense and heavy for a scarf. Perhaps it would work for a purse or a bag for my yoga m