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Go Big and Bold or Go Home: Some Thoughts on Colors and Yarns for Echo Designs

8 shafts, 4-color Echo pattern Over the past couple of months, I've been weaving up samples for an April workshop with the New Hampshire Weavers Guild . I've learned some great lessons, mainly in terms of choosing colors and yarns that optimize the look of 4-color Echo. (Some background: 4-color Echo uses 4 different colors in the warp, each on its own parallel threading. You can read all about it in Marian Stubenitsky's  Weaving with Echo and Iris . Here's just a sample of how it may be threaded.) Anyhow, my takeaway from all this sampling: Go big and bold or go home! First I'll talk about going big -- that is, yarn grist (a.k.a. weight and thickness). The sample at the top of the page, on 8 shafts with a 4-end parallel threading, is my favorite of everything I've woven so far. The warp is 10/2 pearl cotton and the weft is 20/2 pearl cotton. For comparison, here's a similar pattern on 16 shafts. 16 shafts, 4-color Echo pattern Th