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What Happens in New Hampshire...

When a bunch of talented weavers get together for a workshop? Well, for example, this... Jin on 4 shafts woven by Jill Hunter  (a design I created called "Blooming Leaf") And this... 8-shaft Echo pattern, "Chakras," woven by Kathy Hutchins And this! "Chakras" design using a different tieup and treadling,  woven by MaryAnn Bennett The workshop, "Echo and Jin for 4 Shafts and More," aims to help weavers explore various tieups and treadlings for Echo and Jin (Turned Taqueté) in either 4 or 8-shaft threadings. I taught it at the New Hampshire Weavers' Guild in Concord, NH, this month and discovered there was more to the lesson plan than I thought. Turns out, the workshop is as much about exploring color as it is about structure. Participants have the choice of working with a 2-color warp or a 4-color warp -- and with either choice, the weft colors make a big difference in the final results. This can be surprising, e