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What Is the Difference Between Fulling and Felting?

Pictured above: a coat of fabric in silk noil and baby alpaca,  woven in Deflected Double Weave and fulled for warmth and durability Before I begin, please understand that the coat pictured above is a work in progress: I haven't finished sewing it! Anyhow, many years ago I was talking with a felter-friend of mine, telling her how I "felted" a hand-knitted hat I had made. She corrected me, telling me that I had really "fulled" the hat -- not felted it -- because felting involves raw fiber while fulling involves fiber that has been knitted or woven. Here's how the two terms are defined by (U.S. readers, remember that Brits spell fiber as "fibre.") Felting , consolidation of certain fibrous materials by the application of heat, moisture, and mechanical action, causing the interlocking, or matting, of fibres possessing felting properties. Such fibres include wool, fur, and certain hair fibres that mat together unde