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Zooming Ahead with Deflected Double Weave

8-shaft Deflected Double Weave sample by Karen Berk.  Warp and weft yarns are 10/2 Tencel/cotton (in fuchsia)  and 18/2 Jagger Spun superfine merino. Like many of us these days, I've been Zooming a lot with friends and family. All of my workshops through January have been cancelled, so I've begun teaching on Zoom -- in some cases, to replace my cancelled on-site workshops and in other cases because guilds are scrambling to offer remote workshops for this fall. While Zoom workshops can't replace face-to-face communication and hands-on learning -- not to mention the joy of actually touching a handwoven sample -- online workshops can offer a worthwhile learning experience. It all depends on the investment of the students, in my view. And I can't say enough about the investment of the weavers who took my recent workshop, "Deflected Double Weave for Collapse Fabrics." It served as a fundraiser for the  Weaving and Fiber Arts Center  here in Rochester, NY (the teach