Indigo-dyed jacket: new life for my old shower curtain

The story behind this one: It was time to buy a new shower curtain, because the color on my old one had faded. Still, I couldn't bring myself to throw away this wonderful fabric, which was a thick waffle-weave/plain-weave variation.

I dipped it twice in my indigo vat, to create a light denim color. Then cut it out and followed a CNT pattern, with some variations, to make this jacket. The button is handmade out of polymer clay, molded, painted, and glazed. The jacket is size medium, and it's now for sale on Etsy -- but I really considered keeping it for myself!

Several months later, I decided to dip this one more time (or was it twice?) in the indigo vat. Here are the results, including a new button, because the dyeing ruined the glossy texture of the original button.


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