Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spun, dyed, woven, sewn -- but not yet complete

I can't remember the weaver who said, "I love the work of intelligent hands." But that's what I strive for -- thoughtful handwork. When I was little, I remember looking at my grandmother's and my mother's hands and loving their character, the strength of the veins reaching to their fingers. I wanted hands like that. Now I have them, those veiny hands, and I try to use them well.

This jacket is not yet finished. The yarn was handspun, from merino and llama roving, then dyed in the colors of the carpets I see at work. It's a five-harness waffle weave, with plain-weave variations. The button is an antique that has been waiting for this jacket! The pockets are not yet sewn on, but the way the edges play about the body of the jacket -- that's a worthy effect to try to achieve in another garment, don't you think?

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