Just in time for spring....

I finished this new beret! (Note: This is said very tongue-in-cheek. I wish I'd finished it in September.)

It's made with Noro self-striping yarn, in blue, turquoise, purple, rust, and green. I designed it by knitting 9 mitered squares and 4 "half squares" which I then stitched together, starting with one square at the top. When it was finished, I felted it by hand in hot water and Ivory dishwashing liquid.

This is for sale in my Etsy shop, just in time for spring. Sigh.

I also posted a second item, another variation on the shibori-dyed Asian tunic I blogged about a couple of months ago. This one is in peacock colors, again using a silk/linen blend. The back is pure Dupioni silk, in brilliant peacock blue. The Dorset buttons are handmade with rayon novelty yarn and the loops are made using a Japanese braiding technique known as "kumihimo."

This, too, is for sale in my Etsy shop. But this piece can be worn year-round!


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