Watercolor Coat in Aqua, Lavender, and Gold

This is the latest listing in my Etsy shop: a hand-dyed, hand-painted coat in a 55% linen/45% silk blend, using a wonderful informal pattern by Issey Miyake. ("I say, me like-y" is the way I always think of his name, but that's way too corny, don't you think?)

It's a size 10, medium, that would look great on someone taller than 5' 1" (me), as it falls about 6" above my ankles. The self-collar drapes around the neck so gracefully, just like a scarf, while the waist is gently shaped and the shoulders are more fitted and feminine.

I hand-dyed this using fiber-reactive dyes and then embellished the fabric using rubbings with gold-colored oil-based Shiva Paintstiks. They set permanently and add lots of shine and interest to any fabric.

A photo of the back shows how the coat is gently curved.

I hope to make more of these because the pattern has a lot of flair -- and the fabric is hand-washable. This is my ode to summer!


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