Next on the Loom, Something Simple: Indigo-Dyed Cotton Rugs

Warping from the back, without tension

After working with hand-dyed warps of 60/2 silk and filament-like overtwist weft, it's time for something very simple: cotton rugs! I need a bathroom rug and so does my daughter (I think), so I'm warping with "Newport" pearl cotton from Henry's Attic, 830 yards per pound, sett at 8 epi. The warp will be about 30" wide on the loom, aiming for a 2' wide rug after some shrinkage. We'll see what happens.

The weft is also indigo-dyed, also from Henry's Attic: Pigtail (on the right, at 175 yards per pound) and cotton chenille (on the left, weighing in at 500 yards per pound, which sounds like I'm announcing a prize fight). I'm planning on weaving alternating stripes. The rugs should wind up about a 2' x 3' size each. Again, we'll see what happens!


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