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A Visit from Carol James, Author of 'Fingerweaving Untangled' and 'Sprang Unsprung'

Wonderful things can happen just by chance -- as when I recently got an email from Carol James, author and teacher on the ancient textile techniques of fingerweaving and sprang. Seems that she was headed from her home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for upstate New York and on to Virginia -- specifically Mount Vernon, where she was to donate a thread-by-thread replica of a sprang sash woven in 1709 and worn by George Washington. Would our weavers' guild like her to visit? Of course! Her books arrived on my doorstep a few days before the author herself: Fingerweaving Untangled (available from Amazon by clicking here ) and Sprang Unsprung (available from Amazon by clicking here ), both offering colorful and clear tutorials on their respective techniques. And then Carol herself arrived, bringing along a suitcase full of samples and a special bag holding the 7-foot-long sash. It was a thrill to see this masterwork. (The photo below doesn't really do it justice, but it gives you som