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November 14-16: Pop Up Art Sale at the Old Pickle Factory, Pittsford

This Thursday at the Old Pickle Factory on Grove Street in the village of Pittsford: 16 awesome artists! Free admission, free parking, and lots of wonderful pieces to choose from. I will be there selling my handwoven, knitted, dyed and sewn garments and accessories. Among them: This silk scarf, featuring a collapse-weave structure This wool coat, also a collapse-weave structure, handwoven in handspun S and Z twist yarns Grove Street is off of French Road, close to where it ends at East Avenue. The Old Pickle Factory is a big old wooden building, sort of like a warehouse, at 1 Grove Street. The parking lot is on the other side of the building, away from the street.  Follow the signs with the yellow bows on them. Hope to see you there!

Going Green with Weld and Indigo

The technique is known as "Arashi Shibori" -- that is, using Japanese shibori-resist techniques to achieve patterns on cloth. The arashi version of shibori creates a striped design, because the dyer wraps fabric around a pole, wraps rope around this to secure it, scrunches the fabric down and repeats the process until the entire piece of fabric is wrapped and tied. The top above was made with a medium weight cotton muslin, which is very inexpensive -- maybe $5 a yard -- and wonderful to work with! I first immersed the fabric in weld, which produced a vivid yellow color, almost neon. (The important thing to remember, when dyeing cotton with natural dyes, is to pre-mordant the cotton with aluminum acetate, NOT aluminum sulfate. I use an over-the-counter topical astringent known as Domeboro, available online and from your local drugstore. I figure about one packet per ounce of fiber and immerse it in the mordant overnight before dyeing.) After dyeing and drying the fabri