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Studying 'Lustrous Linens' with Kati Reeder Meek

Sorry for the smaller sized photos, but I took them with my iPhone! Last week, the Weavers' Guild of Rochester hosted a workshop with the wonderful Kati Reeder Meek , author of Reflections from a Flaxen Past , master weaver, and inventor of better warping with the weaving trapeze . The photo above is a sample from the workshop, described as a four-shaft damask, woven with linen warp and weft. Linen has a character all its own: less forgiving and far more rigid than wool, cotton or silk, but in so many ways more lustrous, durable, and pattern-friendly than almost any other fiber. I have always loved linen, as it harks back to centuries-old weaving and spinning techniques and comes straight from the fields. So ancient and so basic to human needs. Here are a few more samples from the workshop. (I don't give anybody's name here, because some people would prefer that their names aren't broadcast over the internet -- so we'll let the weavings speak for themselves.