Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Juried into the Convergence 2016 Fashion Show!

"Blue Rills" jacket in deflected double weave, with painted warps

"Ode to Ann" scarf and tunic in collapse weave, 60/2 silk and overtwist wool

I just got word that these two garments have been juried into the 2016 Convergence fashion show, "Moving Forward," to be held in at the Wisconsin Center on Wednesday evening, August 3. 

The fabric for the first piece, "Blue Rills," is an 8-harness deflected double weave, woven in 18/2 merino and 20/2 cotton. I painted two warps (the cotton and the wool) in two different color palettes using MX Fiber Reactive dyes. The jacket pattern is by Marcy Tilton.

The second piece is woven in plain weave -- yes, plain weave -- with a 60/2 silk warp in alternating black and white threads. The sett is fairly loose to allow the weft yarns to collapse, making the fabric crinkle. I used three different wefts: 60/2 silk in black, 60/2 silk in white, and 30/1 wool overtwist. This pattern is also by Marcy Tilton.

Convergence, sponsored by the Handweavers Guild of America, draws weavers from all over the world -- gathering to take workshops, gaze at the exhibits, visit the vendor booths, and come together for informal and formal meetings. For those who love fiber, it's not to be missed. Hope to see you there!

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iowaweaver said...

Congratulations! Your garments are gorgeous! Big fan of Marci Tilton too.

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