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How to Design 8-Shaft Echo Using Fiberworks

Just finished: this sample above on 8 shafts, in preparation for my workshop at Convergence this July. (For details, click  here  and scroll down to the eleventh listing.) I'm using 10/2 pearl cotton in the warp, sett at 36 epi, with a 20/2 pearl cotton weft (in black). I like to call it "Many Rivers" because of the vertically flowing design. In this blog post, I'll try to outline the steps it took to design this in Fiberworks . No easy task, learning how to do this! But it's so worth it: While weaving most any pattern can be a delightful journey, it's a great pleasure to create your own designs and then weave them up to see exactly what happens. I encourage you to try. So here goes! (Note: I have a Mac, so keep in mind that the commands in Fiberworks may differ slightly for PCs.) STEP 1: Create a design line Using the "Draw Freehand" button, I designed curves that change in shape and size. Try it! Any rounded forms will do for