Monday, November 14, 2022

Book Launch December 1!

Well, close to December 1, anyway.

A few pointers I want to share with anyone who might be considering writing a book:

1) First and foremost, do not EVER create your index before you've finished the book. If you make this mistake, as I did, understand that you're still revising and re-writing -- which means you'll be trapped in an endless loop of checking and re-checking your index-page numbers. 

2) Do not type on the keyboard while you are eating peanut butter. 

3) Do not ask your significant other to comment on the book. 

4) If you know any dogs, you can ask them to comment. If you know any cats, don't bother.

5) DO ask your smartest friends to proofread the draft. This strengthens friendships and saves you from sending out reams of errata.

6) Somewhere in the middle of the book-writing process, you will feel like you are writing War and Peace. Of course you aren't, but you will feel like that. 

7) It's OK to print it out and throw the pages against the wall. 

8) One serious comment: If you want to write a book, give yourself plenty of time, that is, a reasonable amount of years. And don't tell anyone until it's well under way ;o)

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