Saturday, November 19, 2011

Samples from a Class on Shiva Artist Paintstiks

Last Friday at our Weaving and Fiber Arts Center (, I taught an introductory class on oil-based paint sticks, commercially named Shiva Artist Paintstiks. They're a wonderful way to add color and interest to any fabric, as they're essentially oil paint in solid form. Once the paints are set, which takes about two days, they'll stand up to unlimited washing (except for dry cleaning, which uses solvents).

Above, you see a sample by Dana Connell, a rubbing from an Indian print block. Here are a few more samples that students created.

Iridescent silver on black fabric, from a stencil.

More images from stencils, these made using several different iridescent colors.

Free-form drawing with Paintstiks on felt.

Paintstiks and their accompanying tools are available from Dharma Trading Company as well as from Cedar Canyon Textiles. Cedar Canyon also supplies instructional books and videos to help you maximize your work with these painterly tools.

To date, I've used them on some of my hand-dyed fabrics to provide a splash of color and interest.

Who knows? Maybe someday I'll use them to paint a warp. An idea worth pondering....

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Erin Derr said...

These look like a lot of fun? I've never thought of using paintsticks in my work but maybe I should give it a go.

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