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Echo... Echo... Echo... Weave

12-shaft Turned Taquete (acute accent on the "e") currently on the loom,  woven on an Echo threading.  20/2 handpainted silk warp  (really two handpainted warps)  and 60/2 silk weft,  advancing point twill threading and treadling. The drawdown for the above pattern (the treadling has a long repeat) Echo Weave enjoys so much popularity these days, thanks to Marian Stubenitsky's wonderful book,  Weaving with Echo and Iris . Above and beyond this groundbreaking book, however, is the beauty and potential of Echo Weave itself. Because it's woven on an extended parallel threading, the possibilities are pretty much endless. You can change the treadling and tie-up in myriad ways that will alter the pattern and still weave Echo. Or you can add plain weave to the treadling and weave Turned Taquete -- which again can be woven in a variety of patterns. Or you can weave Double Weave. Or Shadow Weave. Or Rep. And you can change to a networked treadling. And on