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Baby Wrap in 16-Shaft Echo Weave and Turned Taquete: On My New Computer Loom!

Echo Weave, which is a border at the beginning and the end of the wrap
A detail
Great news! I have a new (to me) computer dobby loom: a 16-shaft Toika Eeva with a 40 cm weaving width. This Scandinavian beauty came to me by way of my friend and fine weaver Hedy Lyles, who enjoyed this loom but was moving up to 24 shafts.
Here's Eeva, getting dressed. 

A view from the back of the loom
I wound a warp of 10/2 Tencel, 1187 ends, 8 yards long, so that -- at 40 epi -- I would have a weaving width just shy of 30" and plenty of length for sampling before I weave up a 5-yard-long wrap. 
Because I've been teaching a lot of workshops on 4-shaft, 8-shaft, and 12-shaft Echo Weave (and other structures you can weave on the same threading, using different tieups and treadlings), I decided to expand my repertoire to 16 shafts. Here's just a section of the Echo Weave structure I designed, based on an advancing point twill in both threading and treadling.
I can't really show you the e…