Friday, July 24, 2015

Just Back from MAFA 2015: Paint Two, Beam One

That's the Mid-Atlantic Fiber Association (MAFA), which sponsors a biennial conference -- and this year, the committee members outdid themselves. Lots of learning, excitement, friendship, and for my class, a terrific classroom space.

"Paint Two, Beam One" refers to the warps: You wind two identical warps, paint them in two different but harmonious color palettes, beam them together on your loom (as in the photo above), and weave the entire warp in a structure that shows off the colors to the max. Typically, that's a warp-emphasis structure such as twill or Turned Taquete.

Our class was in the pottery studio at Millersville University in Millersville, Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), which was ideal. The work tables were counter-height -- maybe higher -- so we could stand and paint comfortably, rather than bending down as we painted out warps.

And we could make a mess without any worries. Here are a couple of images.

Autumnal hues, reminding me of Gauguin's palette

Midnight blues and greens, 
thinking of Chagall

Our only challenge was when it came time to dry the painted warps using hair dryers. We kept tripping the circuit breaker! Fortunately, Jason Thompson was working in the studio next door and help us out immensely.

(Plus, he is a great metal worker. Check out his website: Jason Thompson Sculpture.)

Finally finished unpacking. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the conference a success! And thanks so very much to my students, who were a pleasure to work with.

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